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Car Seat Headrest Pillows

Bring real comfort to your neck during long road trips

Randy Davis — 3 hours 17 minutes ago

“This is the perfect solution for passengers that fall asleep in the car during long road trips. I no longer have to worry about my kids’ heads bobbling from side to side when they doze off in the car.” – James Bauer, Real Customer.

Orthopedic Seat Cushions

Are you familiar with the feeling of discomfort in your neck when you wake up after a long car ride? Or have you ever had to see your child having a case of noodle-neck? Yeah — it’s painful — and unsightly.

Our Car Seat Headrest Pillows are a revolutionary new in-vehicle add-on that provides support and comfort for children and adults alike for safer napping on the road. 

Give it a try – your neck, back, and neighbor’s shoulder will thank you. Benefit from lateral support to keep your head and body comfortably aligned upright the next time you, your child, or a friend fall asleep.

Orthopedic Seat Cushions


  • GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH – The headrest pillows comfortably support your head and neck, relax the muscles, and prevent the neck from prolonged bending, fatigue, and pain.
  • MAKE YOUR JOURNEYS SAFE AND COMFORTABLE – The pillows provide passengers with head and neck support when they fall asleep, protect their heads from knocking on doors and windows, and ensure greater naptime comfort.
  • IMPROVE POSTURE – By supporting your neck and keeping your body in an upright position, these pillows can even improve your overall posture.

Orthopedic Seat Cushions

  • SUPPORTIVE, HIGH-QUALITY BUILD – The pillows are filled with soft and thick memory foam. The pillowcase is made of PU leather that is durable and easy to clean.
  • ADJUSTABLE DESIGN – You can adjust the width between the pillows by selecting the slot position on the telescopic support rod (the minimum distance between the two pillows is 10.63 inches).
  • SUITABLE FOR BOTH KIDS AND ADULTS – The pillows can also be raised, lowered, and rotated 180 degrees to accommodate people of various heights.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH MANY CAR MODELS – Suitable for vehicles with headrests where the handlebar distance is at least 3.75 inches.
  • EASY TO INSTALL – The headrest can be easily installed on the headrest support bar, with no additional tools required.
  • CRASH-TESTED – These headrest pillows have passed numerous crash tests to ensure compliance with each of the following safety standards: CMV-SS 213, FMVSS 213, and ECE R44.

Are you or your passengers still suffering from neck pain after taking a nap in the car?

These Car Seat Headrest Pillows can help you solve this problem for improved rider comfort and convenience. When not in use, just lift them up to save space inside the car.

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  • Thomas Worrell
    26 minutes ago

    It arrived on time and the product matches the description. Pretty easy to assemble and very useful especially for kids that use a booster and usually nap in the car, my son loved it and me too, it’s safe and looks like an extension from the seat.

  • Susan McClure
    38 minutes ago

    When my daughter transitioned from a high back to a low back booster, the thing she missed the most was the headrest. This is the perfect solution! It comes in several pieces, but the instructions are easy to follow. Putting it together and installing it took about 10 minutes. You can fold each side up separately, which my daughter likes because she can lean her head on one side and fold the other up to look out the window. It’s secured on really well and is very comfortable. I’d definitely recommend it!

  • Samuel A. Warrington
    40 minutes ago

    We are very pleased to see how easy the installation was, and once installed how nicely this fits to the car seat.

  • Jennifer Owen
    42 minutes ago

    To be honest I was not sure I would like these but after a single 5-hour trip with them, I am sold. They are comfortable, give your neck some support so you don’t arrive with your neck giving you pains and they just are perfect for napping in the car.

  • Rebecca Roberts
    58 minutes ago

    Every time I take my brother somewhere, he usually sleeps in difficult positions. Then I found this headrest and installed it on my passenger seat so he can have good sleep while I drive.

  • Karen Bartleman
    1 hour 16 minutes ago

    Very easy to install. Both of my boys think it’s comfortable and made our last road trip easier for them to sleep.

  • Christine Hostetler
    1 hour 48 minutes ago

    Worked great for my 8-year-old. We took a 500-mile trip last week so I got this for him. It prevented his head from flopping around when he fell asleep and made it more comfortable to watch movies while we drove.

  • Michael B. Nesmith
    2 hours 24 minutes ago

    This is a very good product. My 5-year-old pulls it up and down as she wants. When she falls asleep, it’s very helpful for her head. Her head stays in place and she no longer falls. I will buy another one for my son when he’s older.


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